Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Big-Bottomed Latina Babe

Big Bottomed Latina Babe as a vectorOkay, I'm hooked on creating these vector images. I'm starting to think I should start a blog called "I Love Sexy Silhouettes."

The curves on this big bottomed, thick thighed Latina made this an especially sexy experience for me. I could almost feel her tight ample ass and legs at my fingertips.

This time, I've uploaded the .png file with a transparency to see how it appears on this blog. I have a feeling it won't look as great due to her having black hair. But, let's see...

Alright! The transparency works but it's added a light white stroke around her body. This makes her appear with her hair and sunglasses intact. She looks better on a white background. But, I'll take it. (Click on the image to see it on a white background.)

Have an image you would like me to transform in this manner? Contact me via the comments below. If the image has its own URL, include it and I'll transform the image and post it here.

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