Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Magenta Maned Baby

WARNING: Negative-free post! (I told you I reserve the right to rave from time-to-time ;)

A couple days ago while checking out the latest discovered items over at BringThePorn.com, I ran across a photo of a magenta haired beauty.

She had just a touch of awkwardness to her, what with her in-turned feet and shy smile. She inspired me to say the least.

I have this thing for making silhouettes out of sexy posed pictures. Plus, I'm just starting to play around with the pen tool in Photoshop. This sexy lady presented the perfect opportunity to hone my chops.

Normally, I make the silhouettes in only one color — black!

This time around, I decided to invert my usual color scheme. On top of that, something was lost when I made her a single silhouette. She just didn't have the appeal without her girlish pig-tails and signature magenta locks.

Then there were her panties, the way she was starting to pull them down. So, I took my first stab at making a multi-element silhouette.

I gotta say, I'm quite pleased with the results. Thanks for letting me share it with you here, as I had nowhere else to post it.

Why do I like making silhouettes out of these sexy women?

I've been wondering that myself. The best answer I can come up with is that the act of intimately tracing every curve of these women is sensual beyond belief. It's almost as though I get to spend an hour or more tracing her curves with my fingers in the flesh.

Using Photoshop is surprisingly sensual when done in a way that resonates with your erotic imagination.


  1. It looks lovely! I wish I knew how to use photo imaging software. GIMP is not my friend atm.

  2. Thanks Catherine. I actually just started a new blog specifically for the silhouettes I'm creating.


    If you ever want me to convert any pics of yourself, feel free to send them my way.