Sunday, May 24, 2009

Annette Schwarz's Doppelganger

Okay, so maybe using the term "Doppelganger" to describe ultra-extreme pornslut's mainstream look-alike isn't exactly accurate. If anything, Annette is the Progressive insurance ad-lady's doppelganger.

The angelic looking devil of a lay Annette SchwarzAnnette is as deliciously twisted as they come - getting brutally facefucked, eating cum on as many food items as possible, drinking gallons of piss a week, fucked in every hole as rough as possible. If anything (and according to society's standards) she's the wicked one of these two. Look-wise, though, she has the appearance of an angel with her blond hair and, dare I say, of the "All-American Girl." (She's a German currently residing in Belgium?)

The Progressive Insurance lady looks like a raven haired twin to Annette SchwarzThe progressive ad-lady presents a fun and wholesome "All-American Girl" appearance, too, but with a touch of naughtiness. Whether intentional or not, she has raven hair and ruby-red lips and possibly too much makeup. But something about her appearance says wholesome.

Both have the same body and their faces are near duplicates of one another. Who would I like to see appear in a video with Annette Schwarz? Her dark-haired doppelganger, the Progressive insurance ad-lady.

I doubt that even Annette could convince that woman to co-star in a scene with her, but here's an idea: What if Annette could shoot a scene of herself fucking herself, like they do in movies whenever there's a double of some twinless actor? One could be the devilish-blond Annette getting extra rough with her angelic-raven double. A delicious yin-yang scene, for certain. Hmmmm, now that's a scene I'd love to see played out on film.

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