Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My First TMI Tuesday! — TMI Tuesday #186

A couple months ago on Twitter, I started hearing about a "TMI Tuesday." Don't know what "TMI" means? "Too Much Information." Generally, that phrase signals that the listener doesn't want to hear anymore. In the case of this TMI meme, the listener wants too much info.

I suspected that it was an official meme event, but could never find an "official" location. Then I discovered "I Kiss & Tell." From what I've been able to tell, this is THE blog for posting the TMI questions every Tuesday.

So, this marks the first of many TMI Tuesdays for me. This one's a little tame, but I hope you enjoy.

1. Which traits from your parents do you see in yourself?
  • From my mom, I received the trait of never judging anything at face value.
  • From my dad, I received the ability to be (mostly) happy when I'm by myself.

2. Which traits from you/your partner do you see in your children (if you don't have kids, which would you like to see)?
  • From my wife, I see a genuine desire to learn, to strive do well in school.
  • From me, I see empathy for others and to never accept anything at face value (generally).
3. How did you get the birds-and-bees talk?
  • It happened when I was so young that I can't really remember. I think the talk came right after I burst into my mom's room because I thought my step-dad was hurting her. Turns out, my mom's a screamer and the sounds I heard were of her getting fucked. I'm pretty sure that's when I got the talk, around 5 years old, all gussied up with the cliche, "When a man and woman love each other..."
4. What was your favorite childhood book?
  • The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. For me, the story wasn't about an anthropomorphized tree and all the human emotions surrounding it. It was an environmental story that, to me, demonstrated that no matter how much we deplete our planet, Mother Nature will still care for us, in some way or another. I don't hold such optimism that Pachamama's so benign anymore these days. I think she's downright pissed at her spoiled children.
5. What is your favorite piece of erotic literature?
  • I don't really read a ton of erotica, at least, not a lot that could be called "literature." Of course, I got my degree in English, which makes me a bit of a snob when it comes to that term. In actuality, most of my erotica reading occurs via sex blogs. In print, though, I find that the Best American Erotica anthologies are usually exceptionally tantalizing.
Bonus: What is the one thing you wish you could go back and tell yourself as a child?
  • Either "Study harder now so your future is easier" OR "You're a lot better looking and more desired by others than you give yourself credit."
Double Bonus: If your life were a book or movie, what would the title be?
  • The Twisted Path to Happiness
TMI Tuesday Personal Count #1

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