Tuesday, May 26, 2009

TMI Tuesday #188

Ah, yes. Now we're cooking with some much sexier questions.

1. Before the industrial revolution, most people never traveled more than 30 miles from their home. How far from your birth place do you now live?
  • 312 miles from my birth place, but 2855 miles from the place I grew up and live in for 20 years.

2.What is the farthest distance from home you have you have ever had sex or an orgasm? What is the farthest distance you have traveled from your home to have a sexual encounter?
  • The farthest distance from home I've ever had sex and an orgasm is 3342 miles, in the rainforest-covered Mayan ruins of Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico.
  • The farthest distance from home I've traveled to have sex is only a mere 112 miles north of my current location. Hey, why would I travel when I can get some of the best sex on the planet right here at home?
3. How many states (or Canadian provinces or your country's geopolitical division) and counties have you had sex and/or an orgasms in?
  • That's a good question... I've had sex to orgasm in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, California, oh and at some hot springs in Arizona and in Sedona. Anywhere else? Oh, yeah! In Utah at Zion National Park. Guess that makes 7 states total. I'm not sure if the questioner meant "countries" or "counties," but I'm not about to figure out how many counties I've had sex in. I've only been to 2 countries, but I fucked in both of them.
4. Have you ever had sex in a vehicle? While the vehicle was moving?
  • Most definitely, both without and mostly with the vehicle moving. I've had sex while driving my car down the freeway on a desolate and dark night. I actually have been thinking about that time lately. I can't remember if I fucked to orgasm. I'm pretty sure I did. Then there was the time my wife and I fucked in the back of a long-haul tour bus trolling its way north to the Mexico-US border. That was fun, but not quite as fun as the time we did it in a private six-seater airplane while in the air. The best was banging her from behind while she sucked off the pilot.
5. Do you have any travel related fantasy? If so, share, please.
  • For as kinky and experienced as I seem, I have never had sex on a tropical beach. So, yeah, I'd love to travel to some tropical destination and bang my wife on the beach. Pretty vanilla, I know. I do harbor the classic fantasy of being away on a trip and fucking a stranger I know I'll never see again, too.
Bonus: On holidays that honor our military do you tend to remember those currently serving or veterans of military service?
  • Not typically. I know that I should have a more nationalistic view and be more supportive, but I'm too much of a patriot to not help but see nearly all use, especially current use, of troops as promoting a capitalist-serving agenda. In my view, we haven't truly fought a war for freedom since WWII. Yeah, you just go on and hate me for my commie-pinko-liberal-scum-sucking worldview. You know you love it. :)

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