Monday, June 1, 2009

My Daily Admissions – Week #1

Not feeling overly inspired (or too freakin' busy to do so consistently), I've started to tweet what I call "My Daily Admissions."

Why "Admissions" and not "Confessions"? Well, the easiest response is that a confession is when you reveal something that you're keeping secret. An admission, on the other hand, is when you admit to something that anyone could observe if they watch you long enough.

At first, I was just going to tweet these admissions. Then I thought, why not chronicle them on my hodge-podge blog?

Although I missed a day, here
  • Tuesday 5/26/09 - My daily admission: Ever since I started blogging my cums, I've stopped imagining myself in exceptionally dark & illegal sex acts. (Mostly)
  • Wednesday 5/27/09 - My daily admission: I have an overwhelming love for BBW, but big boobs aren't why I prefer big women. It's their overall thickness I love.
  • Friday 5/29/09 - My daily admission: I'm not the marathon man I used to be because I worked on cumming as quick as poss so my wife wouldn't stop me b4 I came
  • Saturday 5/30/09 - My daily admission: Butch short hair is a turn-off for me. Sometimes I like it on someone in particular, but most of the time... no thanks.
  • Sunday 5/31/09 - My daily admission: I am addicted to love & lust. My current FWB expounds this addiction. She's the first & last thing I think about everyday.
  • Monday 6/1/09 - My daily admission: When it comes to sharing a woman with another guy(s), I always prefer to go second (or last).
Wednesday's admission got the most @replies. Here's what folks wrote:
  • BBWGLORYFOXXX - @eroticrogue there aint nothing wrong with that
  • secret_thoughts - @eroticrogue well I for one applaud you for that daily admission. Not sure how bones can be erotic, sensual or sexy anyways :-S
  • secret_thoughts - I wouldn't call them Quirky leanings. I prefer voluptuous women & when I get the chance 2 experiment it won't b with a size 0 @eroticrogue
Amendment Update (3 June 2009)
Okay, I guess I'll need to post Monday-Sunday's in the future every Monday. My Monday post above actually got about the same amount of @replies. Here's what some of my followers said:
  • missladybitch - @eroticrogue your admission is hot as fuck. And what a gentleman you are waiting your turn :P
  • secret_thoughts - @eroticrogue very interesting - any reason in particular?
In case you were wondering, here's how I answered secret_thoughts' question:
  • In response to @ replies to yesterday's daily admission (preferring to go last)...I like going last because I prefer feeling a worked pussy.
  • Whether the puss has been banged till it's swollen or it's gaping wide, it's just such an exhilarating feeling for me.
  • A swollen puss makes me feel like my slut loves me enough to go at it one more time. A gaping one makes me feel delightfully insignificant.
All chronicled admissions will be based on a Tuesday-Monday schedule, generally posting the log here on the last day (Monday).

I almost always offer to answer any question sent my way, but so far, I've had no takers. Is there anything you'd like to ask me, anything at all? Follow me on Twitter and ask me there, or leave a comment below.

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