Monday, June 8, 2009

My Daily Admissions – Week #2

It's that time again, time to chronicle the daily admissions I post (nearly) every day on Twitter.
  • Tuesday 6/2/09 - My daily admission: Apt living ruined my ability 2 pound fast & furious. Neighbors complained about noise & I had 2 dial back the intensity.
  • Wednesday 6/3/09 - Sometimes knowing how hard genuinely proud sluts fall for me because I love them for who they are overwhelms me, makes breathing difficult
  • Thursday 6/4/09 - My daily admission: Every morning, I wake up even more twitterpated for my FWB than the morning before. I just want her near me all the time
  • Friday 6/5/09 - My daily admission: Between sex writing, prep 4 a family vacation & spending a lot of time w/ my gf, I'm not putting in enough client hours.
  • Saturday 6/6/09 - My daily admission: Gangbang porn was mostly responsible for sparking my desire to ask my wife to have sex with other men.
  • Sunday 6/7/09 - My daily admission: Girl-on-girl action is my least favorite type of porn. It's just so dull, gateway porn as I call it.
This week's daily admissions generated a bit more responses from my followers than last week.

Tuesday Responses
  • coyotetoo - @eroticrogue You need to find a living situation where such noises are admired (and tweeted about).
  • coyotetoo - @eroticrogue Ah, but with age comes technique, finess, stamina. :)
Wednesday Responses
  • missladybitch - @eroticrogue you remind me alot of someone I know. Someone I love :)
Sunday Responses
  • SexaholicBBW - @eroticrogue Oh I second you on that .. doesnt do it for me either!
  • BBW_Writer - @eroticrogue I don't care much for the girl on girl porn myself....
  • BBW_Writer - @eroticrogue I'm mostly into the bdsm side of kink-I don't think I ever stopped off at the girl-on-girl along the way. LOL I must be unique.
That's it for this week. I'm off to Disneyland for most of the week, so I won't have so many daily admissions to chronicle next Monday.

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