Monday, June 22, 2009

My Daily Admissions – Week #3

I'm doing two weeks (almost) worth of daily admission posts, thanks to a family trip to Disneyland. For those who don't know, this is a chronicle of the daily admissions I tweet on Twitter and any replies they may receive from my followers.
  • Monday 6/8/09 - My daily admission: While on vacation this week, I hope my sis-in-law finally pounces me as she's threatened to do for so long.
  • Tuesday 6/9/09 - My daily admission: My wife and I want to have sex at Disneyland.
  • Tuesday 6/16/09 - My daily admission: I was outrageously horny while in Disneyland due to the bounty of raven-haired BBw & plump MILFs.
  • Wednesday 6/17/09 - My daily admission: While in Disneyland, I finally got the courage to snap a pic of sweet big ass. See it at
  • Thursday 6/18/09 - My daily admission: When I was in my late teens, I thought I'd marry a noncaucasion woman (Asian or African) but married a blue-eyed blond.
  • Friday 6/19/09 - My daily admission: I always plan on tweeting a followfriday but fail to do so when it comes time cause I forget who I want to mention.
  • Saturday 6/20/09 - My daily admission: Thick or chubby fingers on a woman turn me on.
  • Sunday 6/21/09 - My daily admission: Nearly every woman I slept with since having kids has said that my being a father was a big part of what turned them on.
Only Monday's admissions got any responses.

Monday Responses
  • LolaHedoOnline - @eroticrogue & what does ur brother think of that? ;)
  • LScribbens - @eroticrogue Heehee. I understand that. }:^)~
  • LolaHedoOnline - @eroticrogue oooooo kinky ;) (written in response to me clarifying it was my wife's sister, not my brother's and made sure to add that my bro has expressed several times that he would love for me to fuck his wife.)

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