Tuesday, June 16, 2009

TMI Tuesday #191 (Wedding Edition)

Have you ever...
1. been married?
  • Yes, once. I'm in my 15th year of marriage. We were together for two years prior, and we've had an open marriage for the last 10 years.
2. been divorced? been remarried?
  • No, but I did leave my wife once for a week after reaching a breaking point in regards to her behavior. We were never legally separated, and I decided that it would be better in the long run to give her a chance to change (we're talking seriously detrimental behavior that continued to negatively impact our family), as she had never promised to do so before than to try to start over with another woman. I'm so glad I made this decision as everything changed for the better afterward.
3. had sex at a wedding reception?
  • No, but I once had an aunt (the one marrying into the family) mount me and molest my 18 year old self, mostly deep french kissing, in front of all her wedding guests. My uncle (her newly ordained husband) dragged her off me and told me to save it for another time.
4. had sex with someone you first met at a wedding or wedding reception?
  • No, but I can't say that I haven't fantasized about it.
5. given a a toast to the bride and groom?
  • Yes, to my uncle and also at another more recent wedding when some friends got married about 4 years ago.
Bonus (as in optional): What is the funniest thing you've seen or done at a wedding?
  • Not that it's out of the norm, but when I was 18 at my uncle's wedding, I thought the garter belt tradition was pretty humorous. My uncle used his teeth to pull off her garter. I actually was the one who caught it.
Bonus II (as in optional): What is the best toast for the wedding couples?
  • Any that infuses some insightful touches of humor and wisdom.
TMI Tuesday Personal Count #6

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