Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Do TrUe Marketers Really Think That Women Who Reject Are Desireable?

This post has been a long time coming. In fact, I daresay that my need to write about trUe's advertising campaign was probably the number one inspiration for starting this blog...

Phony trUe bitch rejects your desires.We've all seen this woman somewhere online. Whether while checking an email account or running through some porn site, this phony bitch is everywhere.

There she is, lying on her belly while chatting it up with a person we can only assume is supposed to be us. All painted up in the most plastic of ways, she smiles in a most insincere fashion. Nothing about her appearance says, "I'm real."

The video is apparently supposed to make prospective members believe that this woman is just one of many fine and "true" babes that you might be able to chat with if you join their site.

She bobs her head and flashes a fake-ass smile when the guy chatting with her says something witty or pretty about her. Then she starts to look more and more pinched. Then she lets out with a straight-forward "no."

Okay, no biggie. The guy on the other end asked her some question to which the answer is no. Then she lets out with a forceful, if not disgusted, "NO!"

Then she reverts to that plastic smile.

WTF are trUe's marketers thinking? I can only imagine that she responded as she did because the dude on the other side of the conversation kept asking her to show him her tits or something along those lines.

If the guy indeed did ask to see her tits, then her nastiness bugs me most because of the way she's flaunting her tits. Her clothing choice accentuates her big boobs and she keeps jutting them out, purposely bringing attention to them. Plus, she's on a dating site for crying out loud. Why so nasty in your response, chica?

So perhaps, the marketers at trUe felt that airing her nasty response all over the internet would prove that "real" women are found on their network. After all, what sort of woman would flash her goods to just any scumbag on the web? (Not my philosophy, just a stab in the dark at their motives.)

Of course, nothing about this ad seems "true" to trUe's platform. They claim that there are no phonies, no felons, that it's a safe place to meet people online. Above all else, safety from felons seems to be their main selling point. Talk about preying on people's fears.

TrUe takes on the idea that meeting people online is one of the most dangerous things you could possibly ever do. They also frown upon anyone other than real and unmarried people joining their site.

I understand that these things matter to some people, but if you're going to play up "authenticity," why put plastic and rejecting woman on their ads.

Another one of their ads shows two girls who look like they could have been cut from the same cloth as the woman shown above. What's confusing about the ad is that appears they're looking to play together. Again, this seems to go against the premise of the straight-laced approach that trUe tries to profess.

Whatever the trUe marketers have in mind, their ads are anything but true. Thanks for lying to us all, assholes.

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