Sunday, July 12, 2009

I have a scary big dick? - Poorly Named Sites #1

There's nothing like disappointing porn sites. I mean, most sites I run across are mostly on the mark. Not so with Hustler's "Scary Big Dicks."

Perhaps I've just seen too many massive dicks both on and off the screen. For me, the use of "scary big" is equivalent to the use of "huge."

My cock is sizeable, bigger than average but not so huge that regular sexual encounters are uncomfortable for her. I've had women's eyes pop when they see my cock for the first (or sometimes, every) time. I've had other women just give me the "Yeah, I guess that'll work" look.

The word "huge" has actually been used to describe my dick, but only by tiny women or women with little experience. More often than not, "You're so big" is about the max rating my dick gets. Not that that's a problem ;)

That's why I have to laugh when I see Hustler's "Scary Big Dicks." The guys are certainly packing some size, but huge? Methinks not. Just check out this screenshot:

Screenshot of Kirra Lynne getting too shocked over the size of Lee Stone's big but not scary big dick.

The guy's packing, for sure, but definitely not "scary big." I know because I'm this size with a bit more girth underneath. The camera angle in the right pic exaggerates the size greatly, too.

Now we all know every black man is huge, right? Wrong.

A woman gets a little too shocked by a not-so big black cock.

From experience, I know they range in size just like every other skin tone. This guy has a fine example of a cock that is definitely not in the "huge" category. It's not even really big, more like average.

With a site name like "Scary Big Dicks," I want to see dicks that look like they would literally split the girl in half if pushed in to the hilt, not someone with the same ample-but-safe dick size as me.

And don't even get me started on "that huge black cock." There is absolutely no cause for her face to be in such sheer and utter shock unless she's only been with measly dicked men. Based on the caption of the picture, though, that's not likely the case.

There's nothing small about either of these dicks. Both could easily satisfy the hungers of nearly any woman. They just aren't huge. What bugs me about these pieces of pornographic pleasure are the context in which they are set. Without the false promise of "huge," they'd work great!


I just discovered another grossly exaggerated named site. Her First Big Cock shows, once again, guys who do have a big dick. But in the world of porn, these cocks are of average size. There's also a gay version at His First Big Cock.

Screenshot of Her First Big Cock website

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