Friday, July 31, 2009

Introducing Fuck Me Friday #1

I'm obsessed with image searches by naughty keywords. I was so obsessed at one time, that I created an entire network of blogs to document my finds.

That's right, all the "I Love..." blogs on the Rogue Erotica Network started out as my way of documenting what pictures ranked as number one for such keywords as "BBW," "SlutWife," "Creampie," "Cuckoldry," "Interracial," "Transsexual," and "Swingers."

Eventually, I switched tack and decided to take a more selective affiliate posting approach to those blogs.

Then Microsoft launched their new search engine "Bing." I just had to see how different their image results would be compared to Google. The first keyword I used was "fuck me now," because that's how I was feeling at the time.

After a few variations on that string of keywords, like "fuck me silly" and "fuck me hard," I noted how different the results were. Suddenly my desire to document these deviant trends was rekindled.

Introducing "Fuck Me Friday"
Each Friday, I will bring you a screenshot of the results I get from an image search. The base keyword will always be "fuck me," followed by some extra word.

Instead of posting only the number one ranked image, however, I'm going to present the whole first screen as a way for us all to see a bigger slice of the trend for that word. On occasion, as each case presents itself, I will comment on the trend I notice.

For the next few months, all results will come from searches on Bing. Today, I present you with the very first "Fuck Me Friday" results:

Fuck Me Friday for keywords 'fuck me' on Bing

Looks like "fuck me" is the exclusive realm of straight-up guy on gal mainstream porn.

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