Monday, July 6, 2009

My Daily Admissions – Week #5

I didn't fit in a full week's worth of daily admissions, but here's the chronicle of this last week:
  • Tuesday 6/30/09 - My daily admission: I love to have sex in the woods.
  • Wednesday 7/1/09 - My daily admission: While grocery shopping, I had a spontaneous, cumless orgasm due to all the sexy big MILF asses around me.
  • Thursday 7/2/09 - My daily admission: I don't get editors who get hung up on "proper" grammar that lack adherence to a certain Style Guide. Language is fluid!
  • Friday 7/3/09 - My daily admission: I've stopped seeing woman because they were so eager to have me cum inside them that I feared they wanted my baby.
  • Sunday 7/5/09 - My daily admission: My town is so "weight" conscious that our 4th of July parade on-lookers are a wasteland for BBW lovers like me.
I had a couple of RT (reTweets), but no replies to My Daily Admissions. I feel I may have diluted my pertinence on Twitter by only posting MDAs.
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