Monday, July 20, 2009

My Daily Admissions – Week #6

Yep, I did indeed miss a week's worth of daily admissions. But hey! Summertime's for getting out and about, visiting theme parks and the such. (Read: I was off at Six Flags!) At any rate, here are this last week-plus's daily admissions, followed by any responses I received.
  • Sunday 7/12/09 - My daily admission: One of my all-time greatest fantasies is to have sex with a real-life hotel maid, an authentic one.
  • Monday 7/13/09 - My daily admission: Although the thought of impregnating a lover excites me beyond belief, actually making another baby scares me senseless.
  • Tuesday 7/14/09 - My daily admission: On my (clean) Facebook account, I never take part sexual or drug-related quizzes or memes. Sometimes that just kills me.
  • Wednesday 7/15/09 - My daily admission: I think that the whole "organic donuts" concept is ridiculous.
  • Thursday 7/16/09 - My daily admission: Sometimes while I work, I put on a video I shot of my wife and I having sex just to listen to her noises.
  • Friday 7/17/09 - My daily admission: Occasionally When a woman-in-passing seizes my desire, I write a missed connection on Craigslist.
  • Saturday 7/18/09 - My daily admission: BBW posts that insist on tacking on the BBW's bra size after their name bothers me. The middle "B" doesn't mean "boob".
  • Sunday 7/19/09 - My daily admission: Smoking has always been a turn off for me. I don't watch "smoking" porn if I run across it.
Sunday Responses
  • Greg69Sheryl - @eroticrogue Funny coincidence - I, too, have a hotel maid fantasy. Preferably a young Latina who barely speaks English.
  • DutchEroticArt - We share the fantasy! RT @eroticrogue: One of my all-time greatest fantasies is to have sex with a real-life hotel maid, an authentic one.
  • naughty_man - @eroticrogue The maid thing is one of my faces too. I always imagine walking past a hotel room, door opened being cleaned etc...
Thursday Responses
  • SexaholicBBW - @eroticrogue mmm sexy! Wish I could watch stuff like that at work! ;-)

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