Monday, July 27, 2009

My Daily Admissions – Week #7

Finally, a full week of My Daily Admissions! Alas, I have no responses to post. Guess I didn't inspire or touch anyone in a relevant way. Oh, well. Better luck next time I suppose.
  • Monday 7/20/09 - My daily admission: Based on their vocal stylings solely, I would love to have sex with Regina Spektor and Stacy Kent.
  • Tuesday 7/21/09 - My daily admission: Any expression of cuckoldry in my life is more roleplay than actuality.
  • Wednesday 7/22/09 - My daily admission: To me, hoop earrings are the most arousing piece of jewelry a woman can wear.
  • Thursday 7/23/09 - My daily admission: It's been ages since I've had mind-blowing sex.
  • Friday 7/24/09 - My daily admission: I think the whole sustainable/conscious wine movement is over-the-top. Vineyards are already models of sustainability.
  • Saturday 7/25/09 - My daily admission: I go out of my way to shop at Wal-Mart sometimes because of the bounty of BBW MILF I find there.
  • Sunday 7/26/09 - My daily admission: One of my dream jobs would be working the boom/sound on porn shoots. It's the sound of sex that turns me on most.

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