Tuesday, July 21, 2009

TMI Tuesday #196 - The Orgasmic Edition

Oh yeah! Orgasms are something I can really get into. Be warned, though, my answers definitely might be TMI for some.

Tell us about...
1. Your first self-induced orgasm
  • This one I remember vividly. Before I tell the story, though, I have to tell you all a humorous account about how I first attempted to jerk-off...
  • My uncle used to sing this lewd song that started out, "Old MacDonald / beating his meat / on the toilet seat." Based on those lyrics, I thought that to orgasm I needed to smack my dick on the toilet. Needless to say, after a good 10 or 20 slaps, I knew this couldn't be the right approach. Then I thought deeper about it (and saw my first porn) and figured out that there was actually no "beating" involved in masturbation. I tried to cum by simulating what I had seen, but failed the first 10 times or so, that was until...
  • I had a mild crush on a girl in my 7th grade Language Arts class. Her name was Elizabeth Wiesman, a blond with a warm but shy smile and big hair. (Hey, it was the eighties. Also, in retrospect, she had a big nose, which might explain why I'm attracted to woman with a strong schnoz.) I lay in my top bunk, trying to keep the bed from squeaking and waking my brother below me. I don't really remember much of what I imagined, but I still remember how powerful that orgasm was, how extra warm and sensitive it felt for my spooge to spill out on my hand. After that time, I was hooked and have been a fan of cumming ever since (not that most people aren't).
2. Your first other-induced orgasm
  • I sort of have two, but that's because I'm mostly ashamed to admit that my first other-induced orgasm was with a close relative...
  • We had been watching my parents porn on the sly. We both had spent time servicing each other orally. She had got off, but I never had (even though I heard she went on to be famous for her killer blowjobs). Anyway, we snuck up into my mom's office. She lay back on the desk as I lapped her pussy until her belly quivered. Afterward, she dropped down to her knees to slather my already hard cock with her spittle. She climbed back up on the desk, pulling me inside her as she lay back. I took it slow at first, but she kept asking me to fuck her harder, faster. I could see another orgasm building in her and I think that set me off. As I announced that I was going to cum, she told me to hold it, to keep fucking her, that she was almost there. I couldn't though, but she kept me locked in and told me to keep going. I was 15.
  • The second (but my usual "official" first other-induced orgasm) came a few months after my 18th birthday. I lusted after Anita forever and she had finally conceded to my wishes to go out on dates. One night after going to a party, I took her home to her dorm. She invited me in and we made out and grinded. Then I went down on her, like I usually did. This time, however, she started to strip me down. She had told me a few days before that she recently started to take the pill, so when she positioned me for a slow entry, I didn't worry about using a condom. In retrospect, I fucked her way to slow and soft, but I did get off in that boring missionary position. I remember how when I announced my rising cum, she grabbed me by the ass with one hand and started to stroke the small of her back with the other. As I spilled my seed inside her, she smiled so huge and bucked her hips up into mine and pulled my groin in tight. As my cum subsided, she said with a smile, "You just came inside me." I told her that I did indeed, a slight look of worry on my face. She kissed me deep and stroked my whole body as though she were milking it the way you do a dick just after cumming.
3. Your first experience giving someone else an orgasm
  • This one goes way back to when I was about 7 or 8. There was a boy a couple years older than me. He used to like to take me to secluded areas while my mom was babysitting him so that he could use me sexually. He always started out having me suck him hard, but always finished off by laying me flat on my belly to fuck my ass. I remember how painful the initial penetration was, but mostly I remember how just as it started to feel good, he would grunt in my ear and I would feel a mass of sliminess ooze out from my asshole right after.
  • I believe that I got off some Filipina girls when I was only 4, but I'm not sure enough in my recollection. A Filipina family a few houses down from me would invite me over when their parents were gone and would play doctor with me as the main patient. I remember lots of facesitting and rubbing of my peter on the girls' pussies as they would ride on top of me. I remember them collapsing on top of me after riding me for awhile and can only assume that they orgasmed. They were all older than me, some by a lot!
4. Your first time witnessing another's orgasm not induced by you
  • I'm assuming this doesn't include watching porn. The first time I witnessed another brought to orgasm by someone other than me was during the first year of my wife and I's bf/gf status. She had a friend named Annie who she had experienced her first girl-on-girl with. Annie was all about pushing the envelope, so when another guy was over at our place, she wanted to get us all into some group play. At the time, however, my wife and I weren't completely ready to walk the swap path, so we had sex as couples side-by-side. Annie and her fuck partner took the bed and we took the floor. Annie had such a deep, husky cum that actually caused me to cum as I listened to her getting pounded by the dude. In fact, after she reached a certain volume, my wife (then-gf) and I just stopped and watched her, her cums were so intense.
  • Nowadays, listening to my wife getting fucked by other men to orgasm is one of my all-time favorite experiences.
5. Since your first, what is the longest time you've gone between orgasms?
  • This is a hard one to call. I don't remember too much about my youth-oriented cums, but I would dare to venture that one month is the maximum time I've gone between orgasms. I've always been too sexual to let much time go without.
  • In recent history, especially since tracking my cums, I've gone 17 days without orgasm (I think.) That's a huge stretch for me. As a related note, the time I go between orgasms within the last few months has drastically increased. Perhaps I'm starting to reach a more "average" libido. I used to go nuts if I didn't cum every day.
Bonus (as in optional): Tell us about a particularly memorable orgasm you haven't mentioned yet.
  • Oooh, there are quite a few, but one of the most memorable has to be when I intentionally impregnated my wife with our first child. She had been running wild the first few months after we were wed. I was growing ever-frustrated with her runnings and wished she'd just settle down. She had been on the pill, but missed a few days. At the time of this orgasm, I knew full well that she was potentially fertile. She had half-heartedly mentioned the potential as I started to fuck her, but I disregarded her. In my mind, a baby would make her settle down and come back to me. As I blew my juices inside her, it was so intense and so visual. It was as though I could feel my sperm cracking her egg and creating our eldest son. Sure enough, she starting experiencing morning sickness a week later. Despite the deviousness of this orgasm, it was possibly one of the most beautiful orgasms in my entire life.
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