Friday, August 14, 2009

Fuck Me Friday #3 – Fuck Me Rotten

Ah, yet another Fuck Me Friday post! This week, I bring you Bing's top results for the phrase "fuck me rotten."

Fuck Me Rotten
I was actually pretty surprised at how "safe" the results for this phrase were. Sure, we've got about 3 fuck pics. But, there are far more web cam style shots. Perhaps these are for cam sites where the stars are stating that they want to be fucked rotten. Don't know, though, as I didn't check out any of the sites.

Then there's that screaming cat and what looks like a "rock on" little person. Not quite sure what's up with that pic, but the general consensus here is that "fuck me rotten" isn't a top-smut-ranking phrase. But, goddess, what I wouldn't give to have someone fuck me rotten.

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