Monday, August 10, 2009

My Daily Admissions – Week #8

Well, I didn't get in a full two weeks, but here's the collection of My Daily Admissions and the responses they received.
  • Monday 7/27/09 - My daily admission: Since my wife works out of town, I listen to her cum on a video I shot on our 12th 1st thing in AM and last thing in PM.
  • Thursday 7/30/09 - My daily admission: Walking, gardening, jerking off and fucking are about the only ways I exercise.
  • Monday 8/3/09 - My daily admission: I never really fucked well until the 1st time I fucked my wife & she told me to fuck her however I wanted to fuck her.
  • Tuesday 8/4/09 - My daily admission: I cum almost instantly if my wife says she hates me when I'm fucking her.
  • Wednesday 8/5/09 - My daily admission: Since my wife has been working out of town, the scenarios I imagine while masturbating are simply scenes with her and I.
  • Thursday 8/6/09 - My daily admission: I tend to fall in love easily.
  • Friday 8/7/09 - My daily admission: A woman is super-excited to be my sexy pen pal, and I'm all blocked up, unable to think of anything to write her.

Thursday 7/30/09 Response
  • xanatizer - @eroticrogue Replace "gardening" with "riding bike". I couldn't ask for more.

Tuesday 8/4/09 Responses
  • pudgym29 - @eroticrogue The 'raep' chromosome resides in *every* male. I am the nicest male on the planet - but show me a non-con scene in a...
  • pudgym29 - @eroticrogue classic movie like "Expensive Taste", & I have a 'no-hands' orgasm. What a movie. John Leslie & Ken Scudder are the rapists.
  • pudgym29 - @eroticrogue K. Scudder gets to 'pop' the virgin. Joey Silvera is the guy who gets the dates that they all raep. Ohmigawd. #porn

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