Saturday, August 1, 2009

TMI Tuesday #197 - Nonsexual Edition

I was out of town again this last Tuesday, so here's a very late TMI Tuesday.
  1. The three words that best describe me are libidinous, enigmatic, and comforting.
  2. The three words that best describe my life are placid, fluid, and rambling.
  3. My three guilty pleasures are chronic masturbation, sweets, and weed.
  4. The three places I would like to visit before I die are Ireland, New Zealand, and Antarctica.
  5. The three things I would like to do before I die are write a novel, create a rustic B&B/resort in the woods for nudists and swingers, and learn to fly an airplane.
I started the bonus question but had to stop. Maybe I'll continue it later.

Bonus: [...]what three to five flashes would be my life so far?
  1. Looking out at a rain-streaked car window at the age of 4, driving to Disneyland with my grandma Bev and sleepily asking how much farther.
  2. Huddling behind some chairs with my young siblings at the age of 7, avoiding flying chairs and objects as one of my step-dads got violent with my mom and us.
  3. Squeaking into my high school graduation and pulling my robe straight out of the bag, walking across the stage with a quilted looking robe because of the fold lines.
  4. Watching a literally golden landscape out of my friend's living room window when taking magic mushrooms for the first time.
  5. Seeing fairies fly around the magical haze surrounding my (future) wife the first time I saw her since she had left state as an awkward young teen.
  6. Hearing my (future) wife tell me "Just make sure you pull out" as I penetrated her for the first time.
TMI Tuesday Personal Count #12

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