Tuesday, September 8, 2009

TMI Tuesday #203

This week's TMI could easily be seen as pretty safe, but of course, I'm going to answer in my usual naught fashion.

1. If you were to only live until the age of 50, how would you live your life differently?
  • I'm split on this one. Based on the idea that everyone in our society would only live until 50 (think "Logan's Run"), I think I'd take one of two different approaches to living my life: one geared toward early and fervent family development, the other toward living the most debauched life possible.
  • The Family Life - I would have kids even earlier than I did, as close to 18 as possible. Even though life would be tough economically, I would dedicate myself to raising the best kids possible and hope they followed suit and gave me grandchildren before I died.
  • The Debauched Life - I would go nuts, letting my libido steer my path. The risks I would take would be immense. Condoms? Forget about it. Pulling out? Forget about it. Screening lovers? Forget about it. You get the point.
2. Are you settling in your job/career?
  • Yes, but only sort of. I am my own boss and that's awesome. It's the client work I do that I'm settling on. It's fun most of the time, but not exactly in the arena I want to be in. In my dream job, I'd spend all day doing sexually-oriented tasks like reviewing porn or promoting it. Writing erotica and designing sexy images are way up their too. Luckily, I'm getting my foot in the adult industry door and working on settling into a much more satisfying client base.
3. Are you settling with your significant other?
  • Absolutely not! There are very few women in the world like my wife. She accepts and encourages my most depraved ways. At one point, I felt as though I had settled when she disregarded my emotions and crushed me continuously. So, "settling" in this case was in not demanding a more attentive partner, not so much as not having a more exciting partner.
4. How important is your family?
  • My wife and my kids are my life! Other family members don't really matter to me too much at all. I love them, but they're not an important part of my life. We purposely moved where none of our family lives, if that says anything.
5. If you caught a neighbor peeping in at you while you were naked or having sex, would you close the blinds? (assuming you live in a city and can see into other buildings).
  • Nope. If I caught a neighbor accidentally catching us in the act and reacting with discomfort, yeah, I'd close the blind. But if the neighbor were peeping, I'd put on a show for them and let them think they're getting away with something.

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