Tuesday, September 29, 2009

TMI Tuesday #206

1. Have you put anything edible on (or in) your partner's body and then eaten it?
  • Yes indeed! My experience has been limited, as most of my lovers are less interested in playing around as getting my dick buried deep inside of them and keeping it there.
  • Bananas are the most prevalent food item I've used. I peel it down, slide it all the way into my lovers' pussies, then have them slowly push it out as I eat it.
  • Whip cream is another thing I used, but it lasted such a short amount of time. I think I covered one of my girlfriend's nipples with whipped cream, then licked it off one and a half of her nipples before she was pulling my dick inside her and telling me to pound her.
  • Most of my lovers don't like to get sticky like from food. I would love to incorporate food more into my play, though.
2. Have you ever had an AIDS test due to reasonable suspicion or hyperactive imagination?
  • Not for suspicion, only from routine testing, which I haven't done in far too long. Of course, I haven't had another partner outside of my wife for over 2 years now.
3. Have you ever fantasized about someone else other than your partner while you were engaged in sex, oral sex, or mutual masturbation?
  • Most all of the time. I even verbalize it with my wife. I also tend to imagine someone else fucking my wife while I'm fucking her.
  • For a true slice of how often I think of others aside from my wife when I'm fucking or jerking, see my splog - He Cums To...
4. Have you ever engaged in sex, oral sex, or mutual masturbation while in a moving car? A car being driven by someone not engaged in the sex, oral sex, or mutual masturbation?
  • Yes, yes, yes and YES!
  • I've fucked my wife while I was driving down the road. She sat in my lap while I drove on a deserted freeway.
  • My wife has given me the occasional blowjob while riding down the road, as has another lover. None were to completion, though. I've only acheived completion from a BJ and that was only very recently.
  • My wife quite often holds and strokes my cock for hours when we take road trips. However, I've never cum from a handjob.
  • As for sex while someone else drives, yes.
  • Once in the back of my sister's car on the way up to Cheena Hot Springs in Alaska, I fingerbanged my then-girlfriend/now-wife.
  • Then there was the time my wife and I were banished to the back of our van on the way to our honeymoon. We pulled down the bed and fucked when none of the other passengers were any the wiser.
5. Have you ever had sex so many times or for so long that one or both people involved runs dry?
  • Absolutely!
  • My wife used to go dry after cumming the first time, so that doesn't really count. She doesn't anymore though. Most of my lovers, though, just seem to get wetter and wetter until they are a perpetual puddle.
  • I have been the one to dry more often than not. Sumi was my most taxing lover. When we'd come together, it wasn't unusual for me to blow at least 4-6 times in 2-3 hours, sometimes more. The male body just can't produce semen and sperm fast enough for fucking like that. However, there's nothing quite as intense as dry-heave cums. It feels like your balls will spill out through the tip of your dick.
Bonus (as in optional): Name 5 things an unplanned (or planned) visitor would find in your bedroom?
  • Heh, I could answer this in so many different ways, but I'll stay naughty...
  • Pictures of my wife posing in sexy lingerie.
  • Scores of books on sex, erotica, and how to be an outlaw.
  • My Fleshlight
  • Sex toys mostly unused in our side bed cabinet
  • Lots of empty weed bags
TMI Tuesday Personal Count #21

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