Tuesday, October 6, 2009

TMI Tuesday #207 (repeat of TMI #7)

Now here's a TMI that's right up my alley...

1. What is your underwear "style" of choice?
  • Boxers, preferably silky-ish. I don't like how my cock gets all balled up inverted with briefs or even boxer-briefs. Boxers are the closest to freeballin' it as it comes.
  • None, if I'm wearing suitable pants or shorts to facilitate freeballin'.
2. How old were you when you had your first sexual experience?
  • Ay-ay-ay. This one is majorly loaded for me. Let's just say that I was having sex at far too young of an age. I used to feel like a freak about it, until I learned that sexual exploration is natural at a very young age. It's our society that stigmatizes such a practice.
  • The first sexual encounter I remember is when I was late 4 years old. I was walking home from the bus stop with a group of Phillipino kids who lived just up the street from me. They talked me into coming home with them to play. They promptly started to strip me down and begin the process of playing doctor. Their ages ranged from 5-16 and the oldest ones were the directors of the play. They laid me down on a table and had the "nurse" strip down and lay on top of me. I can't remember too much except that taking my temperature consisted of one of the girls sucking on my penis. I often wonder if this first sexual encounter is the root of my preference for "Asian" women.
  • My first fully consenting sexual encounter occurred between a close relative and me. We had watched some porn that our parents left in the VCR and made our way to the office upstairs. I remember spreading her legs wide and eating her for a bit. Then she pulled my hard dick inside her while she laid back on the desk. I didn't last too long and she wanted me to keep going so she could cum. I ended up cumming inside her so that I could keep going.
3. What about a potential partner turns you on?
  • First and foremost, a mixture of a warm but mischievous smile, friendliness, and an obvious sexual attraction to me.
  • Physically, dark hair and eyes and a full to large figure.
  • I also tend to prefer short women.
4. Have you ever played a game which may require you or others to disrobe?
  • Yeah, strip poker.
5. Given or received finger scratch marks during sexual activity?
  • Yes. It was an integral part of fucking my wife for awhile in the early years of our relationship - both giving and receiving.
  • Then there was a woman I used to have sex with shortly after starting to swing. She scratched me and gave me hiccies whenever we hooked up to mark me as hers.
Bonus: How many times is the most you have ever had sex in a 24 hour period?
  • Shwew, that's a hard one to gauge.
  • With my wife it was 5 times in about 8 hours. I asked for a small break and ever since, my wife has been a one-a-day gal at most when it comes to me (with others it can be as many as six or seven times). I often wish I never asked for that break. I've asked her countless times for a chance to break that record.
  • With my most sexually hungry extramarital lover, Sumi, I lost count after 10 times. And even then, 24 hours hadn't even passed.
TMI Tuesday Personal Count #22

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