Tuesday, October 20, 2009

TMI Tuesday #209

Not a bad set of questions this week...

1. Which ONE do I wish I had more of in bed... romance, experimentation or foreplay?
  • Damn, I could use all three. My sex life has been all but nonexistent these days. I'll take a cue from my masturbation cums, though, and go with foreplay. Nearly every one of my past lovers have been more than eager to skip the foreplay and go straight for penetration. I used to rock at eating pussy, in particular, but haven't in ages. I've also finally grown to enjoy getting my dick sucked, something that I could've skipped in the past but which I now crave.
2. What is my worst habit?
  • Surfing the internet. I get so easily distracted. With one click, I'm somewhere else. With one click, I'm no longer working but playing. There's nothing like spending 8 hours on my laptop but only finishing 4-6 hours of work. I have mostly nipped this bad habit in the bud by scheduling out every minute of my day. However, I fail to create and stick to schedules when my wife is home.
3. Do I take compliments well?
  • Not often. My best reception of compliments comes with a blush, smile and a humble "thanks." My usual reception, though, consists of me trying to convince the complimenter that others deserve the praise much more than I do.
4. Do I think more about the past, present or future?
  • Future, all too often, the future. I do my best not to get all amped up for imagined possibilities, and try my best to shape my present for the attainment of my imagined future.
5. Do I feel everyone has a soulmate?
  • I used to think so. Being a confirmed polyamorist, however, I now think everyone has several soulmates. This theory is based on my belief in reincarnation. Our soulmates may or may not coincide with our current time and space. It's when multiple soulmates appear throughout the same lifetime that the heart breaks most due to societal restrictions that limit how many partners we can maintain at one time.
Bonus (as in optional): Where would I wish to wake up?
  • In the arms of any number of large lovers with the knowledge that an infinite number of more such wake ups will follow.
TMI Tuesday Personal Count #24

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