Tuesday, October 27, 2009

TMI Tuesday #210

1) What are three mistakes someone could make on the first date with me that would automatically make me turn down a second date with them?
  • State something that tells me immediately that the person has a completely opposite worldview as me. I'm okay with differences in opinion but I couldn't be with someone long term if their way of living directly opposes my lifestyle choices.
  • Makes me feel like a scumbag for loving sex, for being in an open marriage, for believing prostitution should be made legal, for talking openly about sex and porn, for being subtly raunchy... just to name a few. I have enough people who try to make me feel bad for being myself.
  • Acts oblivious to those around them. I'm all for not giving a fuck what others think about you, but when that moves into the realm of self-absorption, it's a major turn off for me.
2) Pick an animal that best displays my personality. :)
  • The wolf! He is my totem. He came to me in a dream. I am ultimately a family man, although focused on my immediate family, not my siblings and such. I'm also private yet ferocious when need be.
3) If my significant other stopped having sex with me, how long would I stay?
  • Tough question. I've been with my wife for so long now, that I would most likely stay with her indefinitely. However, I probably wouldn't continue to stay with her if she denied me from finding another lover.
  • If the cesation was part of cuckold play, I would stay in the relationship as long as possible. I've done this in the past, and the cums I've had as a result were powerful.
  • If it were a SO who isn't my wife, I would stop considering her my SO and move her directly to the role of "just friends." I would still love her, I just wouldn't have any sort of sexual commitment to her.
4) Am I more passive or aggressive when the relationship becomes physical?
  • In the past, I was definitely aggressive. In many cases, this worked well, as the women I was with wanted to be taken. However, I have issues with being aggressive and being pushed away as a result, being treated like a sex-crazed fiend who is too intimidating.
  • With my wife, I have become passive. I just get so tired of being the aggressive one, which inevitably leads me to feeling as though I'm begging for sex. Over the last year, I've resolved to throw out the occasional innuendo and generally let my wife take the lead.
  • With others, I have also become passive. For the most part, I noticed that many women don't necessarily want to believe that I am only with them for the sex. So, I wait for them to make the first move, then I proceed with being more aggressive.
5) Have I ever been INSIDE a store that sold adult themed toys and videos?
  • Honestly? If you've reached the age of thirty and haven't been in an adult shop, you qualify for the prude of the century award.
Bonus (as in optional): What percentage of women do I think are capable of handling being in a "friends with benefits" relationship? How about men?
  • I think it depends on their relationship status. My personal experience has shown that men and women have about the same likeliness to handle being in such a relationship. Both my wife and I have had lovers who couldn't really handle being just "friends with benefits."
  • If a person is single and under 35, they are more likely to accept a friends with benefits relationship. About 70% for women and 60% for men.
  • After 35, I believe the percentages shift tremendously to 30% of women being able to accept friends with benefits, and 70% of men. The difference is biological. Women under 35 tend to focus on careers and don't really want to be tied down, so friends with benefits work great.
  • After 35 for women, the alarm bells go off and tell the women that time is running out if they want to have a family. At this point, women start looking seriously for a mate.
  • After 35 for men, dudes start to recognize that it's going to be a lot of work to sustain a relationship that exceeds friends with benefits. They've gotten set in their ways and anything more would shake up their lives.
  • For married people, I think that friends with benefits acceptability is much higher, if not preferred by most. They love their SO; they just want some more/different partners to play with, not another SO.
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