Tuesday, November 10, 2009

TMI Tuesday #212

From Professor Fate:
"Today we are celebrating Between My Sheets Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2009 by stealing some ideas from the top sex blooger, Coquitten 100th post. Yes, I am that desperately short on new material."

1. I lost my virginity at 18, in the back of a car, on prom night. Where and when did you lose yours?
  • I'll give the safe answer. I lost my virginity to a prostitute at a friend's apartment at the age of 16. I didn't cum, though.
  • If I had to cum for it to count, I lost my virginity at 18 with my then-girlfriend in her dorm room after returning from a party.
2. I think my ass is my best sexual feature. What is yours?
  • Is this something that gets my partner amped up while having sex, or something that makes them sexually attracted to me?
  • If during sex, definitely my dick. It's longer and thicker than most, but not so much that it is a bit too much to handle.
  • If a sexual attractor, it would either be my tallness or my piercing blue eyes.
3. A recurring theme in my fantasies is being slammed up against the wall. Do you have a recurring fantasy or a theme to your fantasies?
  • My recurring fantasy theme is bareback sex that ends with me cumming inside the partner, often with the stated desire to have my baby growing inside of my partner.
4. I love watching guys masturbate. Do you enjoy watching others (a partner or a stranger) masturbate?
  • I like watching others masturbate for a short while, then it gets boring. I prefer to interact directly with my partners.
5. I hate when guys are quiet in bed. I like to hear you moaning as you cum. Do you like you partners quiet? Are you quiet?
  • I like some noise, actually a lot of noise from my partners when we can get away with it. On the converse, I sometimes prefer my wife to make no noise and look bored if I'm in a cuck mood.
  • I'm not a noisy fuck, in that I don't grunt and such. I do dirty talk a lot though. I usually "ungh" when I cum.
6. I love playing with nipples. Do you like having your nipples played with?
  • Most of the time, I do enjoy my nipples being played with but it's not a necessity or something I go out of my way to request. I like it best when a lover plays with them without any prompting from me.
7. My "number" is between 15 and 25. What is your "number"?
  • Huh?
  • My favorite number is 5.
  • If by my "number" they mean how many I've had sex with, the number is around 35-40.
TMI Tuesday Personal Count #27

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