Monday, November 23, 2009

TMI Tuesday #214

Sorry, but this one was pretty much a dud for me. What can I say, undergarments have never figured prominently in my life.

1. Is there an entertaining story attached to (women) your first bra / (men) your first jockstrap?
  • Nope. I only ever owned one and that was the one that I was required to have when I entered Junior High School. I do find it somewhat entertaining that neither of my sons had to get one when they started middle school. I mean, my gym teacher treated it like it was some sort of right of passage that all boys go through.
2. Is there a story to (women) your first try at bralessness /(men) your first encounter with bralessness?
  • Not really, sorry. I do prefer women to go braless, though.
3. How about your first time going commando?
  • Geez, I really don't have any funny stories. Maybe I just don't view undergarments as something to get all goofy over.
4. Or your first discovery of lack-of-underpants in another?
  • Now here's a brief story I can tell. Nothing funny and not related to the first time, but I do remember my first time with a girl and letting my hand slide down her pants as we made out and discovering she wasn't wearing any panties. I said, "Ooh, you're a naughty girl." She said, "Wait until you find out just how naughty I am." Cliche even. See, nothing too exciting.
5. Any other good underwear-related tales to tell?
  • When my son returned from a week long trip to DC, he was still wearing the same socks and underwear as the day he left. I made him throw them away.
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