Friday, December 18, 2009

My Daily Admissions – Week #9

At one time, I had some pretty regular followers on Twitter. Something happened, and very few if anyone responds to my tweets. They have run the full gambit, but I do admit to having gone mostly absent for awhile.

At any rate, I had just over a week's worth of daily admissions that I had written months ago. Wanting to clear them out and keep them from remaining eternally pending, I tweeted them. Again, I got zero responses to My Daily Admissions.
  • Thursday 12/10/09 - My daily admission: I would love to buy property and set up a camp-style resort for nudists and swingers.
  • Friday 12/11/09- My daily admission: I often have the desire to learn how to paint, draw or sculpt so that I can better express my love of the BBW form.
  • Saturday 12/12/09 - My daily admission: I usually shy away from people who say things are "weird," unless they use the term playfully.
  • Sunday 12/13/09 - My daily admission: Even though I prefer my ladies big, I'm known to appreciate women with a wide variety of body types.
  • Monday 12/14/09 - My daily admission: It crushes me when a BBW laments about her weight & kills me to see them lose it believing they will be more "beautiful"
  • Tuesday 12/15/09 - My daily admission: When I get some tools, I plan on making a fucking pillory and locking my wife into it for the better part of a day.
  • Wednesday 12/16/09 - My daily admission: At one time, being the filling in a FMM sandwich was my top fantasy. I got to live out that fantasy, but not long enough
  • Thursday 12/17/09 - My daily admission: Too many men like BBW for their generally big boobs. Revel in the complete BBW, not the boobs!
This will round out any regular daily admissions on my part. You never know, I may continue later down that road.

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