Tuesday, December 1, 2009

TMI Tuesday #215

1. What are your feelings about traditional bachelor/bachelorette parties?
  • I've never been one for "tradition." I like to diverge from it as much as possible. However, it's kind of hard to answer this question without knowing what is meant by "traditional." I like the idea of soon-to-be-weds going out and partying their ass off and even getting lecherous with strippers or prostitutes. It seems fitting for those who are about to commit to one person for the rest of their lives (society's standard, not mine).
  • I believe that the importance placed upon the event and how often the bride or groom laments about never getting to party like they are at the event is highly representative of how long the marriage will last. In most cases, the more they lament the event as their last taste of freedom, the marriage typically won't last more than five years.
2. Do you wear (or not wear) something special to bed/dress differently when you want to have sex?
  • Nope. I always sleep naked and my wife doesn't harbor any sort of sexy clothes fetish when it comes to what I wear. If I want sex, it's often my tongue that needs a special silver coat to obtain my desire.
3. Do you ever fake orgasms?
  • I have in the past when a lover has been desperate for me not to stop until I have cum.
  • One lover busted me. He brought my empty but used condom out of the trash out of the bathroom. He laid me back and told me he wasn't going to stop sucking me off until I really came. An hour later, he gave up.
  • I wasn't so lucky with another lover who want me to fuck her in the ass until I came all over the small of her back. I tried faking an orgasm, as though I had cum in her butt. She plunged her finger up her asshole. When she didn't feel my cum up there she pulled me right back inside her. About a half hour later, I finally came.
  • I could almost never cum with one lover in particular and faked nearly every single cum with her. There was no reason for me not to cum, except perhaps her obsession with making sure I remained sheathed when I was inside her. Strangely, though, I'd always jerk off and cum almost instantly to my mental playback of our encounter. By the time I finally managed to cum while fucking her, it was destined to be our last time.
4. Do you own any leather or rubber clothing?
  • Nope. Not even a leather jacket. Rubber clothing makes my skin crawl to think about it against my skin. I have a thing about the way rubber and latex feels when stretched across my flesh; it gives me the heebie jeebies.
5. On a scale from 1-10, how willing are you to do something in bed you don't want to just because you are asked?
  • Definitely a 9. The only reason it's not a 10 is because there are some things I wouldn't do. I'm itching to be with someone who would continually test my limits in bed. The list of things I wouldn't do is extremely short.
Bonus: Can men and women be "just friends?"
  • Sure they can. Most of my friends are women. I admit that I sometimes harbor sexual what-ifs about them, but I never let the woman know or let the fantasy turn to sexual tension between us.
TMI Tuesday Personal Count #30

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