Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why I Dislike It #1 - She Is Not Old!

Sexy mid-twenties raven flashes her trimmed pussy bush and tits.Rabbit's Reviews reviewed a mature porn site today. Once again, they exploited the SEO power of their title. Today's review was called, "Give Me More Mature Porn Clips."

The picture you see to the left is the one they included in their review.

Rabbit's Review does this sort of shit all the time. Really they're seeking traffic based on the title of their post ("mature porn clips").

If I were seeking mature porn clips, I would dismiss this site immediately. My rejection of the site would stem directly from the picture Rabbit's Review included with the review.

This girl's hot, hot, hot! She has dark-hair, brown eyes and a natural body. Pack an extra 40-80 pounds on her, and she'd be just my type. However, she's still a "girl." If she's over 25 years old, I'd be surprised. If she's over 30, or even 35, she's one lucky woman to look so young.

One word I would not use to describe this girl, though, is "mature." (Not in the emotional/behavioral way, but in the age way.)

Thinking that this might just be the typical (almost blackhat) way that Rabbit's Reviews tries to pander to the lowest common denominator who would consider any woman who has hit 20 years old as "mature," I checked out the site.

Karup's Older Women! is a site that seems to meet the expectations of guys aged 18-21. For guys this age, the women on the site would be viewed as "mature."

Sure, the masthead does show women who range from age 25-45. But scroll down to look at the featured women and it would appear that they favor women age 25-35, tops.

I've noted this trend occurring in porn. The MILFs with the most exposure tend to be early to mid-twenties pornstars who just happen to have had a kid. Rarely do I see MILFs featured who look like they have even entered their thirties, like the girl pictured above.

There is this wicked trend that seems to perpetuate that women over 25 are old. Also, women who have had a baby, no matter how young, qualify as "mature," too.

Although Karup's Older Women must have some women over 35, they earn a great big "shame on you" from this Erotic Rogue.

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