Monday, January 25, 2010

TMI Tuesday #223 - Masturbation Edition

Yeah, now this is a TMI Tuesday I can really get into...

1. When you masturbate, how long, typically, is your session and what do you think about (other than having an orgasm)?
  • My sessions generally vary in length depending on how often, the time of day/night, and what I'm using to get off.
  • If I'm been jerking off at least once a day every day, my time increases to about 15 minutes to get off.
  • If I'm marathon masturbating, my cum times increase by about 10-15 minutes from the previous cum.
  • If it's late night or I've just woke up, I tend to take much longer to cum.
  • If I have a particular scenario I've fantisized about all day, I generally cum within 5 minutes.
  • If it's been a few days since I've cum, I usually cum within 5 minutes.
  • If I'm watching porn and jerking it by hand, I tend to cum within 5-10 minutes, unless I find the porn not-so stimulating. Then it takes longer.
  • If I'm watching porn and jerking it with my Fleshlight, it tends to take me 10-20 minutes to cum.
2. Have you ever been "caught" masturbating?
  • Yes, when I was much younger. Actually, no one actually saw me in the act, but burst through my bedroom door under suspicion then teased me by trying to pull my blankets off me. Not such a fun experience for a teen.
3. Have you ever masturbated in front of your computer? If 'yes' was it for your own purposes or for someone's viewing pleasure?
  • Yes, mostly for my own purpose. It happens a lot, actually. I've only jerked off once or twice for someone else on webcam. I felt under too much pressure to cum, though.
4. Have you ever attended a group masturbation party? Same-sex or mixed?
  • No, but I've often considered participating in Dark Lady's Masturbate-a-thons that she holds in Portland, Oregon, every May to celebrate Masturbation Month.
5. When masturbating, as you reach orgasm, do you continue to stimulate yourself without interruption, or do you stop and apply pressure until your spasms subside? Or?
  • When I cum during masturbation, I tend to blend both approaches. I continue until I think most of my cum has been expelled, then I push forward to simulate pushing every drop of my cum as deep inside whoever I'm imagining.
6. Have you ever video'ed yourself while masturbating (solo)? Where are they now?
  • I tried a couple times but all was fuzzy and dark so I deleted them. I've had multiple requests to record myself but have never been able to accomplish the task in a satisfactory way.
Bonus (as in optional): How often do you use the word "fuck" (or its derivatives) in casual conversation - frequently, occasionally, rarely, never.
  • Frequently, all-too frequently. It is my favorite swear word, though ;)
TMI Tuesday Personal Count #38

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