Monday, March 8, 2010

Five Minute Flap #1 — Sexual Sinner's True Torture

When I ran across this picture, the blogger had posted it with nothing more than the place they found it. Perhaps I should have taken note of the source. However, I remember that it was from some medieval or even Victorian book. This was the depiction of what awaited sexual sinners in hell.

If this were my wife, she'd think she was in heaven. There's no doubt about it. And look at how much that one demon is spooging.

Notice how the woman's hips are bucked up, how her legs are spread? Sure, the chains help keep her from closing up completely, but there's absolutely no attempt to clamp shut. She's wide open and arching up for penetration. Yeah, that's it...

She's in hell because that sweet huge dick is just hovering above her, getting off, not even spilling a drop of that load across her chest. Hell for a sinning slut.

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