Thursday, March 11, 2010

Five Minute Flap #2 — Get Wet for Old Men

You're going to find that I write about my wife a lot, especially when it comes to deviant sex.

This picture makes me feel less bad about getting old. Look at that gut. Look how it hugs her ass right up the small of her back. Then there's that extra fat-man weight bearing down on her, making just that much more difficult to breathe and intensifying her orgasm.

If this were my wife fucking this dude, the very fact that he's wrinkled, bald and gray would only make her wetter. That's part of why she's okay with me getting a belly like this guy. She can turn her head and feel my belly against her and imagine an old man, her daddy is fucking her instead. Just set up the scenario and she gets wet.

I wonder if the girl in this picture got wet fucking this old man or if she did it solely for the money.

I want to imagine that she's loving every second of it. I want to imagine that she left the set declaring her porn major and screams, "Bring on the fat old men! I'm ready to fuck!"

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