Sunday, April 4, 2010

Five Minute Flap #3 — Throat Bulge BJ

What can I say about this one except, "Holy fuck!" Look at the girl's throat, man! I see his dick. I mean, I've experienced this when fucking my wife or some other skinny girl a time or two.

You know, when you look down to watch your/his dick slipping in and out, then you see the tip trying to poke its way out through her/your belly. And fuck does it ever feel good. Or it can be painful depending on how hard it's poking.

I know when I've sucked dick, nay, swallowed dick, I felt ultra orgasmic. I felt the pleasure in it. And the deeper the better. I was just beginning to explore the rough side of BJs when I dialed back my homosexual side. I want to be her.

It also makes me want to get ruffies extra bad for my wife.* I'd likely do this to her often. And she'd thank me for it after I put together a compilation clip of exactly all the things she really is capable of. I'd likely jerk it to my own throat bulge video often.

Go Team! Rah rah rah!

* Let it be noted that my wife is the one actively seeking ruffies for me to use on her, both with and without her knowledge.

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