Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TMI Tuesday #233 - (Repost of #72)

1. Commando: Sexy or disgusting? Do you have a memorable commando story?
  • Sexy! I go commando almost daily.
  • Many years back, my wife and I had fucked just before heading to the video store. As we stood in line I gave her a big, strong hug and she let out a half-cry. I apologized for hugging her too tight and she shook her head, indicating I hadn't hurt her. She slyly looked down toward her feet, showing me that half of the load I shot inside her was on her leg and the other half on the floor. I wrapped my leg around hers in a way that allowed me to rub the cum into her leg and smear the cum on the floor. We heard the person in line behind us note there was something slippery on the floor.
2. Foreplay: Is there such a thing as too much?
  • Yes, absolutely.
  • I had enjoyed foreplay and always thought it should make up the bulk of sexual encounters. After all, that's the way it had been with my past girlfriends. Then I met my wife. Whenever I'd try to go down on her, she'd tell me not to, that she was ready to go. For years, I went with no form of foreplay aside from a few seconds of fingerbanging. Then I met a woman who insisted on sucking me for what seemed like forever before she put me inside her. After awhile, my erection would fade and refused to return for awhile. I used to believe this was because blowjobs are like massages, which will inevitably lead to a relaxed state.
3. Oral sex: Good if you are getting? Good if you are giving? Equally ewwwww?
  • Good all around, unless the partner's reaky, sour or otherwise not pleasant down there.
4. Orgasm: Is one per night enough or does the first one just get your motor running?
  • One per night is enough, and more than I typically get in regards to sex. Quite often, though, it gets my motor running but I do well dissipating it.
  • In regards to using my Fleshlight, though, using it to orgasm almost always gets my motor running. I've had to cut myself off many a time.
5. Morning sex: "Oh hell yes!", "Well if I have, too." or "Just get in the shower and go to work."
  • Morning sex, mid-morning sex, noon sex, afternoon sex... it's all a great big "Oh HELL yeah!"
Bonus (as in optional): Have you ever had anonymous sex? Have you ever had an orgasm without at least knowing your partner's last name?
  • I've always known at least the first name of the person I'm having sex with, but rarely if ever know their last name.
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