Monday, May 17, 2010

Five Minute Flap #4 — Girth Over Length

Thick dick. Most women are cited as preferring girth over length. My wife is no exception. There's this guy she will cum instantly to if I mention his name while we fuck.

When my wife and this guy were much more active with one another, she used to return to me well stretched. It took at least two or three minutes of intense pumping for her pussy to begin to contract enough for me to feel the inside of her.

It's one of my favorite feelings in the world, pushing my dick inside her without even an inkling of resistance. I especially like the way her insides are ballooned wide, the only friction occuing right where her labia makes contact with my dick.

For a long time, she used to rave about how much bigger this guy's dick was. Only last year, after she was lucky enough to get in a session with him, did she give me more detail about his dick. It's only about an inch longer than mine, but almost three times as fat.

When I see the picture above, I can't help but feel I have got a glimpse of what it looks like when she fucks him.

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