Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Five Minute Flap #5 — Super-Sloppy, Super-Stretched Seconds

Sluts. Loose, sloppy sluts. I love, love, love sluts! The looser, the less restrained, the less repressed, the better.

Typically, I'm not into Barbie dolls like the one shown in this Flap's pic. But if this woman were really this nasty, really this loose, and really this calm after being abused to this extreme, then she would definitely rank high on my list of women to do.

Now before you think I'm easy to trick, I do realize this photo has most likely been Photoshopped. For one, she doesn’t strike me as the type to keep a jungle of bush. I've learned that most blondes keep themselves bald. Then there's the size of her clit. I'm certain this is exaggerated.

Still, that doesn't stop me from wanting to slide inside of that gaping and utterly destroyed cunt. To not even feel myself inside her without poking at some outrageous angles. If I had my way, I'd make my wife or girlfriend get taken to this extreme then have the guys leave to have me finish her off and clean her up.

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