Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Conflicted Feelings #1 - Liz Vicious

They say you should never judge a book by its cover. For me, Liz Vicious validates the wisdom of this aphorism.

Why I Like Liz
Anyone who knows me, knows that my greatest fetish is dark-eyed, dark-haired BBW. This is why my desire for Liz might seem odd. After all, she's about as scrawny as they come. Still, the face remains the most alluring feature of a woman for me, especially the eyes, and Liz's face is one of my all-time favorites.

Here are some of the physical aspects of Liz that I dig:
  • Her bright blue eyes. From the almond shape to the way she makes them pop with her hair color choices and typically dark and dramatic makeup selections, I actually dream about her eyes.
  • Her pokey ears. Although many might consider the way her ears stick out one of her flaws, I think it makes her look extra cute.
  • Her smile. Often coming across as a smirk, her smile seems to scream, "Come find out exactly how wickedly naughty I am. Just be prepared to leave your heart and soul with me when we're done."
  • Her Gothic style. From the clothes she wears to the way she does her hair, this girl knows how to work the Goth fashion.
  • Her little titties. When it comes to interest in skinny girls, the smaller the breast the better. I could handle Liz with scanter tits, but the size they are now work awesome for me.
  • Her meaty labia. On big girls, I tend to prefer innies. With thin ladies, protruding pussy lips take the gold. And Liz Vicious has some very meaty lips.
Merely looking at pictures of Liz would lead one to believe she is one of the most energetic and naughtiest women working in porn.

Why I Dislike Liz
After paying to stream some videos of Liz in action, I was left flat. Nay, "limp" would be a much better term. Why?
  • She only fucks one guy. At least, all the videos I watched (about a half dozen) only featured her with the same dude. Her significant other, perhaps?
  • The one guy is small. Whoever this lone dude is, his dick's not likely to win any awards for size. With recent size surveys coming to light, he's firmly planted in the average size category. However, when it comes to porn, I want to see big dick plowing a girl her size.
  • Her partner has trouble staying hard. In all I've watched of her with this guy, he has a tough time keeping it up. She works hard at keeping him stiff. Realistic, perhaps? Good for porn? Definitely not.
  • She's pretty vanilla. When it comes to Goths, I'd like to believe they're extra naughty. The extent of her kinkiness is girl-on-girl. For me, that's equates to dipping one's toe into the well of kink. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen her with more than one guy at a time or even playing around with anal.
  • She's not too BJ savvy. Watch her give a blowjob. I'm sure it feels great to have her mouth on your cock, but she only puts about 2-3 inches in her mouth and doesn't exhibit any great skills when it comes to using her mouth and hands.
  • She can't handle a good dicking. The only dick I've seen her take is that same little (by porn standards) cock. She makes him go slow and easy. Even then, it takes a good while for her to warm up enough to let him get a decent pace going, not to mention getting inside her to the hilt. Taking dick seems to hurt her.

Major Point of Confusion

Despite my disappointment in how her performance doesn't match her look (IMO), I still lust after Liz Vicious. Sometimes, and completely out of nowhere, I wake up in the morning rock solid for her. If I'm lucky, my wife is home when I wake in this state and she's willing to fuck. That's when I turn her body round in a spoon position where I can't see her head and imagine that I'm plowing Liz.

It's no surprise to me that this underground Goth girl with mainstream porn proclivities inspires so many artists. Her witchy looks have certainly served as my muse time and again.

Still, I feel so let down when I watch her in action. I see her and I see the potential for one of the greatest sluts the world has ever known. But this is definitely just me. Or so I feel. She has tons of fans who love everything about her, so who am I to criticize. Not to mention, she continually makes me hard.

If you're someone who likes their Goth girls more reserved and fragile than they are slutty and hankering for hardcore, abusive fucking, Liz Vicious is the girl for you. (For her site, it's her name as one word dot com.)

As for me, I'll remain conflicted about this hot fucking Goth girl.

Note: Thanks Liz for your recent Tweet allowing people like me to use some of your pics as long as we don't use them to pass ourselves off as you. I can't imagine any words that could effectively capture your haunting beauty as well as pictures.

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