Saturday, July 24, 2010

Five Minute Flap #10 — Return to Routine

You will quickly come to suspect that my wife is my greatest muse. You would be right.

No one woman has done more to satiate my depraved nature than Renee. She's been dying to have me join her boyfriend and her for some double penetration again. We weren't too successful the last time around, mostly because he kept trying to keep from rubbing body parts with me.

The thing about DP is that it requires some considerable comfort in sexual orientation for the men to pull it off. Rick is not even remotely bi, so even our legs rubbing together made him obviously uncomfortable to the point of making him lose some stiffness. Imagine if my wife wanted to get double stuffed instead, like in today's photo.

At one time, a past boyfriend of hers and I would get her like this every couple weeks. And then there were the times we did the same to her asshole.

It's been ages since that experience, but she took it like a total champ. I've never forgotten the way her breath sounded as we both slid inside her pussy at the same time. It happened by accident at first, but soon become routine. One day, we might return to that routine...if only her bf's dick will cooperate.

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