Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Five Minute Flap #9 — A Happy Whore's Tally

If you didn't already know, my wife is a legal prostitute working in Nevada. Legal prostitution has taken a major hit over the past decade, due to Craigslist and the insane levels of restrictions on advertising in the major cities near the brothels.

As a result, the days of a whore fucking so many dudes per shift that she is almost never in the parlor are gone. Most book a max of five parties a day, but one to two is closer to the norm.

Well, my wife and I get off hard to the thought of her having so many parties each and every day that she could collect as many filled rubbers as are seen in today's picture. With her specializing in the cheap quickie, she might realize that dream one day... and because they're so quick, she won't even need to sit on a block of ice when the day ends.

That's my wife, the happiest whore on the planet whose only point of sadness is in not getting to see a row of filled condoms hanging from her armoire.


  1. wow some of those are pretty full

  2. Indeed they are, Ms. Sugar. Some dudes are pretty heavy shooters.