Saturday, July 10, 2010

Why I Dislike It #3 - The New Yahoo Mail Sign-In Ads

A couple months ago, the folks at Yahoo spruced up the sign-in pages for those who use their mail service. It's really a pretty clever campaign. I got to say, it's a cool way to spread the word about the apps they've incorporated into everyone's email client. (Not that I use them.)

Sometimes, Yahoo sells those spaces to advertisers like Toyota. Most of the time, you see some person with the app logos blended into their attire or stuffs, like a skateboard or tie. I don't really have a problem with this approach. I like most of the images that greet me. So where does the "dislike" aspect come into play?

There are two images that bug the crap out of me. Actually, one continues to bother me. The other I'm slowly coming round to liking, or rather, lusting.

The Shyster
I don't know this guy, but I know someone who looks exactly like him... only he's about 25-30 years older than the Yahoo dude.

The fellow I know is the father of one of my best friends. My friend and all his siblings have despised their father ever since he screwed over their family when they were still very young. Short story: He set up businesses, attracting investors, then somehow managed to legally grab the money and run leaving them to declare bankruptcy and fend for themselves.

In one shitty move, the guy left his family to live a riches-to-rags existence.

For quite some time, I thought my friend and his family members were just bitter about the way he abandoned them. After getting to know him better, I saw right through him. He really was a shyster, devious in the way he attempts to manipulate others. He tried to trick me into an investment. If it weren't for my friend's warning, I likely would have bit on the offer.

When I see this guy's smile, I see my friend's father smiling back at me. It makes me ill.

*This guy might be alright, but I can't help but make the association. Sorry, sir.

** Update 1 Sept 2010: After looking at this guy's mug for awhile longer, I now know why he bothers me. He looks so much like a past business partner of mine who royally screwed me over.

The Fake Mom
For all I know, this woman could be an actual mother. I'm making assumptions as to her parental authenticity based on her looks and the look of the baby. I mean, the kid (not included in this picture) looks nothing like her... not even remotely.

This leads me to think she's not a mother at all. In fact, something about the way she carries the tike makes me believe she's never done it before. Again, this is only an assumption. Still, I can't shake this feeling that she's a model posing as a mom.

Nonetheless, the more I see her, the more I want to give her a real baby. Yes, I know. I'm incorrigible.

I'll Get Over It
Some of the people Yahoo included in past graphics marketing campaigns initially rubbed me wrong. Over time, they no longer disturbed me. When they no longer appeared beside my sign-in block, I actually missed them.

Who knows, maybe I'll finally warm up to the shyster and fake mom too.

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