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Drugs and Alcohol Alter the Sexual Experience

SlipperyWhnWhet recently asked me a question on Formspring that resulted in a fairly lengthy response that I felt I should share here.

SlipperyWhnWhet’s Question:
“Do you believe alcohol or any other mind altering substance enhances or hinders sex? If you have a story of a good or bad experience, feel free to share it.”

Eroticrogue’s Answer:
Absolutely! Drugs and alcohol will always invariably alter sex in either a positive or negative way.

Regarding Alcohol
Alcohol is pretty dependent on the type and amount consumed. If I'm too drunk, it can be difficult for me to remain erect and often, impossible to cum. Some hard liquor, especially tequila and whiskey, make me super-randy.

For my wife (and most women), vodka makes her ultra-ready. There's a fine line between just drunk enough to want to get it on and too drunk that you're ready to puke within a couple minutes. Fucking women when they are the perfect level of toasty has always been an excellent experience for me and them.

Regarding Drugs
It all depends on the drug. Some enhance the experience without fail every time. Others can go either way, and others always hinder my own performance.

MJ, Boomers and ’Cid Always Enhance Sex
Marijuana tops the list of enhancers. Weed offers a slight increase in sensation and euphoria that is neither overwhelming nor numbing. The only time that it has hindered sex is when I’m so slit-eyed as to be passing out from a weed-encouraged exhaustion. Of course, this type of exhaustion is merely an exasperation of my already tired state.

Mushrooms and Acid are similar to my use of Ecstasy in the increased sensation they've provided me. I've never had a night on ‘shrooms or ‘cid that I didn't find the sexual sensations and encounter enhanced considerably. In fact, when the trip is winding down and starting to feel a little ugly, fucking takes the edge right off and mellows me and my lover into a sweet and smooth transition into our regular reality.

E Can Simultaneously Hinder and Enhance Sex
Until this last year, Ecstasy used to be my all-time favorite sexual enhancer. It never, ever left me limp and always had me wanting a repeat of the experience as soon as possible. The elevation in skin to skin sensation is mind-blowing.

One of my perennial favorite experiences was fucking my wife in the middle of a stream while on E. We hit the trails to fuck in the woods and ended up in the middle of nowhere. We had already fucked to completion a couple of times, but wanted to go at it again. So there we were, on a rock in the middle of a creek. A log ran across the stream a few feet above us. She lay back on the rock, the tips of her hair dancing on the water as it passed. There was a misty rain and most of the leaves were still glowing verdant with the late spring weather. It would likely have been a memorable encounter either way, but the addition of the E made it downright mystical.

With the E of yesteryear (which we used to call “X,” not “E”), as long as I got hard before the E completely kicked in, I'd stay that way the whole night and possess the ability to fuck like a rabbit for hours on end. I’d cum over and over again, ready to rock and roll immediately after blowing.

This generation’s Ecstasy, the E I've been able to procure lately is a much different experience. It is not pure and often laced with meth. I hate that because, although I can fuck all night long on it, I never manage a full erection for any length of time and never cum until the high is just about faded out.

Don’t get me wrong. The physical sensations are still incredible. Mind-blowing even. It just leaves me feeling deficient and a bit frustrated. Even with a half-erection, getting it on feels insanely awesome. My wife’s not so nice as to keep my flaccid dick in her, but I did it with another lover, and she was more than happy to keep fucking me even at half-mast.

Meth Always Hinders (My) Sex
Meth is something I've only once taken knowingly. I hate the drug for many, many reasons. For men, at least the stuff that goes around here, it's a recipe for floppy, useless cocks. That’s enough reason for me to avoid it like the plague.

When it comes to fucking women on it, though, well… until they hit that obsessive “tweek” stage (and often even then), it’s a pretty amazing enhancer. There’s really nothing more appealing to me than a woman who is obsessed with sex. I used to love, love, love fucking women on it because they would let go and fuck for hours. They’d also totally let go of their inhibitions.

After awhile, though, I started to feel guilty about enjoying the experience so much, especially when I stand so firmly opposed to its use because of how many lives I’ve seen it destroy. Now, mostly, meth use almost always hinders my enjoyment of sex, makes it a bitter experience even if the sex was rocking.

What do you think?
Do you believe alcohol or any other mind altering substance enhances or hinders sex?

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