Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunshine and Butterflies

Looking at one floods my entire body with sunshine.
Looking at the other fills my gut with butterflies.

The sunshine girl meets
in almost every aspect,
my preferred physical type.

The butterfly girl stands
in exact contrast.

Of the two,
the butterflies compel me most,
haunting me for days after
only the briefest hallway passing.

The sunshine girl is short,
plump, packing a bounty of curves,
dark eyes,
thick lips,
wild dark hair.

The butterfly girl is my height, tall,
Barbie doll figure,
short blond hair,
always dressed conservatively.

The energy between us is intense.
I want both
but resolve to pursue neither.

My compulsion to be
with them
will forever remain unrequited.

— Elton Andersyn, 7 November 2010
Written about two very different women I work with who show obvious interest in me.

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  1. As an update, neither Butterflies or Sunshine are employed at my workplace any longer. I miss them both.