Wednesday, April 13, 2011

TMI Tuesday #235

Sah-weet! Too Much Information (TMI) Tuesday is back. I'm psyched.

Which one:

Smelly feet or smelly breath?
Smelly feet for sure. I like to kiss too much.

Overwhelming pleasure or repetitive numbing pain?
Is this even a question? Especially considering repetitive numbing pain is only one of several ways that I know I can receive overwhelming pleasure?

Phone calls or text messages?
Text messages. We can chat in person.

Being spanked or getting spanked?
I dig spanking people, especially my wife. The first time I spanked her she crawled into my lap the second I finished and started to kiss me all over as she was sobbing. That first time, I knew I preferred to do the spanking, especially when my wife is involved.

Go blind or become deaf ?
Deaf. I'm already near blind as it is and the idea of losing my vision completely scares me. There are too many beautiful things in the world to see.

Bonus (optional):What is one choice you've made that you would like to change the outcome to?
Taking out student loans. I didn't need to and it's a looming beast.

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