Saturday, April 9, 2011

Why I Dislike It #5 – Reassessments on Measure Your Cock

Mainstream media gets a bad enough rap for its blatant biases, but social media is chock full of bias. There’s a Tumblr blog that I both love and loathe. Scratch that. I actually love the concept and the content. It’s the blogger with whom I take issue.

What Is “Measure Your Cock”
Measure Your Cock is an awesome Tumblr blog in which dudes submit pics of their dicks with measuring sticks. (Forgive the rhyme. I’m participating in NaPoWriMo this month.) You can even find the rare submission from a woman stretching out and measuring her labia or clit.

What’s Great about MYC?
Okay. Let’s face it. Ever since the internet became a regular part of nearly everyone’s lives, guys have been posting pics of their longfellows for all to see. In most cases, though, these men have been ostracized for the unsolicited flashing of their junk.

But, and maybe this is just me, there is something powerful about a cock. They are glorious, even if they’re small. They just scream “Look at me! Worship me!” Alright, I admit it. I have a thing for dicks. I could look at the things all day.

Measure Your Cock provides a space for all those men willing to share their glory, no matter how great or small. I thank the blogger who has provided a venue for us proud males to showcase our manhood.

What Sucks about MYC?
For me, blogger bias taints the Measure Your Cock experience. If a guy is over six inches, he’s likely to lose an inch or more once he’s posted.

Time and again, the blogger will decide that because the submitter chose to push the ruler into his belly fat or measure from the bottom that he should deduct some length. However, he will only reduce the measurement if the guy is packing six inches or more. He does this almost every single time, without fail.

If a guy is under four inches, on the other hand, the blogger will add some length to the measurement. The only time he lets a measurement stand unpadded or unreduced is when the guy is between four to six inches in length.

More at the Bottom
I can’t help but wonder if the blogger either has a small cock, doesn’t know how to use his cock to its full potential, or both. The small cock assumption is pretty obvious, as those are the guys who he inflates an increased length reassessment. We tend to root for those who are most like us, lifting them up by telling them that they are more than the sum of their parts.

As far as using cock to its fullest potential, well, that has to do with how much extra length is available on the underside of the cock. The position employed during sex greatly determines how deep a guy can go into a hole. Most positions, however, afford for more depth than the top of a cock permits.

With an extra upswing of the hips, the average male can plow an additional one to two inches deeper.

To exclude that length, to reassess and reduce the measurements of submissions because they are measured from the bottom is one thing. Without the proper angle, the submitter very well may be trying to trick the camera. But when the blogger only reduces the size of those who measure from the underside of their cock and allows smaller dicks measured in this manner to stand, I can’t help but feel that there’s some small-dick camaraderie bias in play.

What Would Make MYC Awesome?
One thing and one thing alone keeps Measure Your Cock from being one of my all-time favorite Tumblr blogs: the blogger’s commentary. If he simply posted the submissions without including his commentary, Measure Your Cock would be truly awesome.

Let the blog visitors decide for themselves whether or not the submitter is trying to trick us.

If you love pics of dick of all sizes, shapes, and shades, you just have to check out Measure Your Cock.

Update: The blogger at Measure Your Cock has made great strides lately to stop reassessing and going with what the tape or ruler reads.  You rock, man!

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