Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Passable Trannies Stay Limp

My fetishes abound, and passable male-to-female (MTF) transsexuals have firmly planted themselves in my top three favorites.

Videos require far too much time to watch. I’m more of a gaze-and-go kind of porn guy, but photos lack something that I’m most curious about: voice.

How does that super-passable trannie sound when she speaks? Is she husky? Does she sound like a male contralto or does she sound like a woman? And how exactly do these questions relate to the title of this post?

What I’m about to say is based on my drive-by knowledge of how sex changes affect the operation of a MTF transsexual’s previously male parts. It is in no way meant to stand up to medical/scientific scrutiny and is based purely on my observations of online MTF trannie porn.

From what I understand about the process of changing one’s anatomy from male to female, such a person is required to take lots of estrogen. The most immediate effect of estrogen treatment is that the body loses hair on the face, limbs, and chest. Also, breasts and hips begin to swell. I’ve read that the boobs tend to grow to the same size as the transsexual’s mothers. Also, the voice changes, grows an octave or so higher.

Ever hear the joke about a guy who gets nailed in the nuts and can suddenly sing in soprano? Well, apparently, that is the effect that estrogen has on an MTF trannie. But like getting kicked in the nuts, it also affects the operation of your johnson. Think about it: Are you getting a rager after such a blow? No, your junk shuts off and apparently takes your manly voice with it.

So it seems to go with passable trannies. The more feminine their voice, or so I’ve noticed, the less likely it is she can get or keep it up.

One MTF trannie on the scene these days beats all others out for most passable: Sarina Valentina. At first, I swore she was yet another of these girls with cocks photoshopped over their pussies. Not Sarina. She’s the real thing. On her site her cock was limp, nay, beyond limp in most of the sets I saw. It looked outright shriveled into nothingness. Occasionally I’d catch a shot of her with an erection, but never any of her getting sucked off or fucking someone with her stiffy like I witnessed with less passable trannies.

A couple weeks ago, I finally managed to find and watch a video with her and another trannie. What a killer video! The other shemale sounded more like a man trying to do a woman’s voice, although it wasn’t too far off from completely female, and she had no problem staying erect. No problem at all. She devoured Sarina, whose voice sounded just like a spoiled sorority girl.

She spent considerable time blowing Sarina, but her cock only grew to about 1/3 stiffness. Most of the time, though, she remained completely limp. Finally, the more masculine trannie plowed Sarina’s ass hard and had her moaning with total ecstasy.

In regards to my personal trannie fantasy, I would love it if my shemale could get it up and fuck the hell out of my ass. But after all I’ve observed, I’d prefer a MTF who can’t manage even a modicum of an erection if it meant she left most men drooling.

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