Saturday, June 11, 2011

Conflicted Feelings #3 – Alison from Work

Here it is. 2011 and I’m already considering acting against my self-imposed guideline to not get emotionally or sexually involved with coworkers. 2011 and just over a decade has passed since I last trusted a coworker with certain information about my personal life and got life-changingly burned. 2011 and I can’t get my mind off a much older woman with whom I work. Alison. On my mind as I go to sleep. On my mind as I wake. Often greeting my rock hard morning wood with enthusiasm. Alison.

History (can) Repeats Itself

It scares me that things between Alison and I could possibly go down in a similar fashion to those in my past, switching track and crying foul in the process. That’s a scene of which I need to steer far clear.

With that said and at the time of this post, I have shared in detail with Alison about my wife as a whore and a slut and about my cuckolding proclivities. Particularly as it relates to degrading commentary from my wife during sex. Pandora’s Box has been at least cracked, a line impossible to cross back over has already been crossed.

My Conflict

My fear of history repeating itself, is the hugest part of my conflict. My gut, though, tells me that Alison is top notch. She really is alright with a deep level of deviance. Her eyes lit up in a way that made me think she had found exactly the kind of freak she’s used to hanging out with in San Fran.

My conflict is more regarding her shape and age. I’m not generally into considerably older women, but Alison is in pretty top shape. In fact, I often imagine fucking her like she’s eighteen. She has that youthful of a body. And that’s the thing. She is a slightly taller version of my wife, where her body is concerned at any rate.

If I’m going to fall for anyone, I at least want it to be someone other than the hot-for-her-age white woman. Make her fat. Make her of a different ethnicity than my own. Make her non-traditionally beautiful. Just please don’t make her the mainstream’s idea of hot. I know that might sound like some twisted form of prejudice, but it’s what I prefer. Go underdog! That’s how I root.

Despite all this, I check her out at work. I love when she wears skirts and wonder if she’s wearing any underwear. Since I noticed at the laundromat, she has mostly thongs. Last week, I clearly saw she was wearing a black thong under her jeans. All of this is making me want her. Everyday I resist the urge of posting a missed connection to her. I want to run to her, to make her mine, but instead I do nothing.

My Resolution

I get off to thoughts of Alison. I didn’t want to get off to her. She’s my coworker and I didn’t want to cross that line. Alas, it took all of 75 hours before I couldn’t hold off any longer. My wife’s body was such a good match for Alison, such a good surrogate.

On 24 May 2011, I used my wife’s body to get off to thoughts of my older coworker. (It’s okay. Although my wife doesn’t know about this particular time, she’s the kind of wife who gets off to her husband thinking such things.)

The cum was so potent that it took me by surprise. It was the kind of cum that predicts the eventuality of an actual sexual relationship. Few women have received this intensity of cum from me. With few exceptions, the less likely a fantasy is of coming true, the less intense my cum. I have cum consistently to Alison ever since the twenty-fourth. Always a sure cum. Always an intense cum. The last time I had consistent, strong, sure cums like this was to my wife over two decades ago.

(Consequently, my wife is the reigning queen of all my cums. Although my desire to imagine her wanes from time to time, she is my number one by a long shot.)

The cum on 24 May easily took Cum of the Month and I would definitely call it the Cum of the Year. As of now, I am resolved to resist the urge to post a missed connection for Alison. As of now, I am resolved to have one amazing cum after the other to thoughts of Alison.

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