Saturday, June 4, 2011

Gaping Assholes Prevalent among Young Porn Starlets

Someone on Tumblr asked, "Is it just me or do all these new young pornstars have obviously well-fucked assholes?"

It’s true. I have noticed that when most of these “new young pornstars” are bent over or squatting, their assholes open up. If they don’t open up, the asshole exhibits a look that it’s no stranger to thick dick.

This trend is actually not that new. I’ve noticed it for awhile. In fact, a huge part of the reason I quit taking it in the ass for awhile was because my asshole looked obviously fucked. For some reason, I feared that some judgmental bastard would turn it against me if they noticed it. Crazy, yeah, I know. No worries, I’ve moved past that. And now, I’ve digressed from the subject at hand.

For nearly two decades, I’ve noticed that the popularity of anal sex among heterosexuals was on the rise. Personally, I’ve known more than a few couples who have talked about trying anal and wanting to like it. Then there’s my wife and me and most of her lovers.

Especially among the youth, anal sex has risen to become nearly as common as oral sex. Just like with oral sex, teens have anal sex for one of two reasons:
  • As birth control, anal sex is as foolproof as oral sex.
  • To retain virginity, anal sex supposedly qualifies as a retainer of chastity in the eyes of devout religious youth.

Let’s face it though, pornstars aren’t ass-gaping because they hoped to retain their virginity. They were likely taking it in the ass to stay baby-free.

Some exceptions hopefully apply. Like this woman I basically called wife number two, she needed it in the ass to cum. She could spend all night without dick in her pussy, only her ass.

Generally speaking though, I’d say it’s a good guess that we’ll only see ever more ass-gaping from the fresh young porn talent.

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