Thursday, August 18, 2011

Why I Dislike It # 7 – Only Pervs Are Turned On by Underage Girls

Before starting this post, I need to state that a) I do not condone nor encourage anyone to pursue statutory rape relationships and b) I usually prefer women in their mid-thirties to mid-forties, not young women. With that said, let’s get on to the post…

Yesterday was high school registration. The school my eldest attends has a seriously inefficient and time-intensive registration process, but this year, it looked as if we were set to be in and out within fifteen minutes. Unfortunately, there was a snag that had us unnecessarily waiting nearly two hours to speak with a counselor. In that time, my eyes were filled with high school girls.

The town I live in has an 1.5:1 girl:boy ratio, plus the wealth factor makes for a lot of glamour girls. Needless to say, there was a lot of underage eye candy to feast upon during my wait. Yeah, yeah. I know. I’m a pervert. Believe me, it was beyond uncomfortable most of the time. I bore several holes in the floor and ceiling in order to avoid staring.

This morning, a question arose. At what point in our history did it become unacceptable to desire teenage girls, and what happened culturally to shift the standard?

In regards to most teenage girls, especially those sixteen and older, they’re as ready as they’re ever going to be when it comes to procreation. In nature, most species adorn one of the sexes of a species with some form of beauty. Humans are a little different than most animals, in that our females are the ones who have the frills needed to attract mates. For most males, females are most appealing when they’re still young. This is a natural instinct or drive in human beings. If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be so prevalent.

Sure, one can argue the messages and images sent via the many forms of media might be the real culprit. But, how would you explain someone like me, someone who hasn’t really found young women that appealing for many years, who when surrounded by nubile young girls, is suddenly driven mad with desire for them? I was downright ashamed and annoyed by how the girls yesterday tweaked my libido in their favor.

What makes matters worse is that today so many underage teenage girls are indistinguishable from their legal counterparts. Let’s face it. If you met most of these underage hotties in a bar, you wouldn’t even think twice about their age. That’s why I wish there was some law to protect the many men who end up unknowingly committing statutory rape upon some underage girl he picked up at a bar or club. The girl should face the charges, not the guy. When was the last time you asked to see someone’s ID before you had sex after leaving the bar where you hooked up? Yeah, me neither.

Now, my point here isn’t to say that I believe men should have the right to ogle underage girls. My point is that it’s pretty ridiculous that our societal dictates make it alright to shame men caught in the act of checking out underage girls or desiring them. If the girl is eighteen, he might get razzed a bit about robbing the cradle. But if she’s seventeen years eleven months and twenty-nine days old, the guy is considered a disgusting pervert who should be locked away for the rest of his days.

Not so long ago, teenage girls were considered the most desirable for rather practical reasons. For millennia, it’s been engrained in men’s psyche, possibly even their genetic code, to desire younger women. In other words, wanting teenage girls is natural. I contend that it’s not men’s desire for teenage girls that is perverse, but the fact that we have once again gone against our natural impulses – much like the enforcement of monogamy as the standard for human beings.

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