Sunday, November 27, 2011

One of the Greats: London Andrews

Note: I named London Andrews my Tumblr November Girl and have to note that without a doubt, she is possibly the most popular BBW model on Tumblr. At least, within my circle.

The bulk of the following post was written before spending some internet time with the incredible person who is London Andrews. Since writing what will follow, I have come to like her more as a person via her personal YouTube videos and less as a video pornographic star. Which is fine, especially considering her photographic porn is rocking.

To London Andrews, I wish you the greatest success in your future adventures in dog grooming. To find ways to incorporate our personal joys into our jobs is the key to loving one’s occupation. I’m glad you found the key and used it.

A question arises over and over again from people who read my blogs as well as from those who follow me on Twitter, Tumblr, and Formspring: Who is my favorite BBW model?

My usual answer consists of two women: London Andrews and Faye Daniels.I plan to write about both, but this post will focus on only London Andrews.

The Obvious
Anyone who pays even half-attention to what I like knows that I like girls with girth, and London Andrews definitely fits that bill. It doesn’t matter how much weight she puts on, her hourglass curves only increase. Plus, she has dark hair (brunette), sultry golden-brown eyes, and full lips. All are physical qualities I not only adore but prefer.

Immense Confidence
London first came to my attention about four years ago, part way into her career as a professional model. She came up in a Google search for “BBW.” The first picture I saw of her didn’t have a name attached to it, but I was so inspired that I made one of my early silhouettes based on the picture.

Since then, I watched London put on some more weight to take her from being best described as a thick girl to a big beautiful woman. In fact, some of the pics that I’ve run across of her very early days reveal a mostly busty and still relatively thin young woman. Yet over the years, as she put on more and more weight, London only appears in ever more high-end nude and clothed model shoots with an ever-increasing aura of complete confidence.

Never on her blog does she ever write anything down regarding her weight. She speaks sometimes of what she eats, which is mostly vegetarian, proving that big women aren’t always the product of a junk-food-fueled dietary intake. The only time I’ve seen her down is when it involves a relationship or financial woes. Few Zaftig women possess the immense confidence of London Andrews. I wish she could inspire such confidence in all large females.

Takes Only What She Needs
Occasionally, London encounters financial distress and never fails to reach out to her fans for support. Sometimes it’s to raise money to attend an event. Other times it’s to fix her brakes for a needed trip or to help pay for dog grooming school. She typically offers something in return for donations, like autographed photos or calendars of herself. Never has she failed to not only raise the funds she needs via donations in record time, but she only ever keeps the amount she stated in her initial plea.

Kind Hearted
What does she do with the rest of the money? With one exception, she donated the rest to organizations that she cares about, like her local SPCA or animal shelters. In the one exception, she gave the rest to one of her good friends and fellow models who really needed help. After disclosing this to her supportive fans, she offered to return the funds to the donating fans if they objected in whatever way she could manage. None, that I know of, requested such reimbursement.

Natural Beauty
There’s a saying: “You never know exactly how authentically beautiful someone is until you see them when they first wake.” I’ve seen images of London without a lick of make-up, out in nature for a few days on end, and I can tell you with no uncertainty. London Andrews is authentically beautiful.

Known to “Slip”
I’ve seen London reference “slipping” in terms of her relationships. To this, added to what I’ve observed of her spirit, I can only hope that “slipping” might mean being naughty. Whatever that may be – drugs, sex with an ex, porn…

Bohemian Spirit
It’s not typical for me to tout someone’s attendance of Burning Man, but London loves that shindig on the playa. I don’t blame her. It looks like great fun. I just can’t bring myself to live on burning desert for a week. But back to London, the pics of her there show a portrait of a woman in her glorious element. London Andrews is art.

Dash of Geekiness
Speaking of Burning Man, one of my favorite shots of London is of her there posing with two storm troopers covering her bare breasts. She’s wearing the cutest striped socks and a fluffy pink hat, and purple leopard panties. If that ain’t geekiness, I don’t know what is. Talk about a turn on for this blogger.

Her Voice Screams Party Girl
The relatively few times I’ve listened to London speak, I’ve vibe that she’s a party girl. She loves, loves, loves to have a good time. But that’s the thing, she’s also the cool party girl who is genuinely down with any kind of fun as long as everybody’s having a good time. I’d like to spend an evening with her. I know she’d really dig a First Friday that takes place where I live.

Yet, I’ve Never Cum to Her
And I don’t know if I ever will. She’s someone I want to honor in my mind. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m sure that she knows guys jerk off to her. But does she find that a turn on or totally creepy? I’m not sure, but I’ll side with caution and respect her as a person. I know, I know. What kind of perv am I? One with morals?

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  1. Does she still do porn? I know shes a plus size/nude model but being the curious horndog that i am i was curious so i look her up and found only 2 porn videos of her i assumed it was something she wanted to experiment with.