Saturday, December 17, 2011

Why I Abandoned My Asian Fetish

Ever since I was in my late teens, I lusted after pretty much all women of Asian descent. My greatest fantasy was to bed an Asian. I hoped to one day marry an Asian. Nothing excited me more than a woman of Asian ancestry.

About five years back, that fetish faded into obscurity.

Don’t get me wrong. I still think that Asian women are gorgeous. They just don’t make my loins quake any longer. Why not? I have several reasons why Asian women lost their sexual appeal.

Fell for BBW
Ironically, a woman of Japanese descent launched me into the role of Fat Admirer. I love girls with girth. My sexual encounters with this rare Asian-American BBW helped me to realize that I like some serious cushion for my pushin’. When I harbored a strong Asian fetish, it was the small size that appealed to me. Now, I desired a plush figure over the slight frame that almost all Asian women possess.

Hirsute Is the Norm

I can never go back to hairy pussy. I want to behold a woman in all her glory. Hair obstructs that, not to mention makes sex less appealing. Not that I turn down a hirsute woman, but I’d prefer no hair. Asian women, a strong majority of West Coast Asian Americans excluded, just don’t shave or even trim their coochies.

Sex Looks Tortuous for Them
I get how part of the appeal of Asian women is their supposed submissiveness. For me, the appeal is lost. I want, no, need a sexually voracious woman. Not one who lays there making cum noises that sound like crying. That’s great if I’m doing some form of power and discipline play, but just for getting in a quick fuck? No thanks. The crying form of cum noises that is so prevalent in Asian culture is unappealing to me.

The Amendment: Not All Asian Women Cry
On this day, the fifteenth of July two-thousand twelve, I do hereby amend my previous assertion that “sex looks tortuous for them,” “them” being women from Asian countries. I hereby amend said statement to “sex looks tortuous for women from non-tropical Asian countries. For the women of the tropical Asian countries, sex is something to revel in and rejoice.”
I Scare Them
The short end of why I lost my Asian fetish is because of the effect I have on them. With only a couple exceptions, Asian women have tucked away from me when I approach too near. And the couple exceptions I had, I didn’t get to have sex with those women because we were either Platonic friends or she told me that my size scared her. Only the BBW took me on.

With so many Asian women rejecting me, and with so many in porn portraying the opposite sexual behaviors that I prefer, it’s no wonder that I lost my love for Asian women.

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